Mortgages aren’t always fun – but we're gonna change that for a minute. If you’re thinking about buying a new home, we’d love to continue as your lender and help with your home financing. So let’s make sure we're the right match for you. (Spoiler alert: we probably are.)

All you need to do is click on the word underneath each blank that best describes you, and then a compatibility score will appear!

My name is
Valued Customer
, and I’m a
  • classic rock
  • country music
  • top 40
type of
person. I’m thinking about refinancing to
  • lower my payment
  • save on interest
  • get cash out
. I’ll probably
  • choose a new loan option
  • keep the loan type I have
and the idea of getting all of my documents together for a
refi is
  • manageable
  • totally worth it
  • worse than waiting in line at the DMV
. My dream home
renovation would be a(n)
  • updated kitchen
  • additional bedroom
  • soundproof playroom
  • trampoline floors
and once I’m done paying off my mortgage,
I’m going to
  • save the monthly windfall
  • go on a big vacation
  • jump for joy on my trampoline floors